College in Canada more appealing than ever for Americans?

As Canadian colleges cater to international students — for a variety of reasons — Americans are heading north for higher education.

Since 2000, there has been a 50% increase in the number of U.S. students enrolling at Canadian colleges and universities

When Alexie Rudman graduates from college in May 2015, the Rhode Island native is poised to find herself with a lot less debt than her friends back home.

That’s because Rudman, 19, decided to study at McGill University in Montreal, which costs $17,000 for international students, all fees included — roughly half or even a third of what most American private colleges and some public charge for tuition, according to statistics from the College Board.

“I have a sister at Hofstra, which costs upward of $50,000 a year,” says Rudman, a French citizen who attends the university for about $3,000 thanks to an accord between both countries that considers French citizens eligible for Canadian benefits. “My parents are barely able to afford that alone, so going to McGill puts a lot less of a burden on them.”

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