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Just like most Americans, I desperately want the laws of our nation to be respected. I want law and order to prevail. I also want all citizens to have reason to believe we will be rewarded if we follow the rules and respect the law.  This is why it is so important to pass effective immigration reform immediately.

Currently, there is virtually no way for a Mexican or Central American citizen to legally enter the United States.  At the same time, our economy depends on the labor of immigrants.  Currently, we have close to 12 million illegal aliens living in our communities.  Other than offenses related to their residency status, they are law-abiding, work hard and are productive members of our society. The problem is there is no legal way to resolve their residency status. For new immigrants, the only way to escape the crises they face at home is to break the law.

Meanwhile, Canada has found a way to allow substantial numbers of immigrants into their country. The rules are strict, but the system works. Therefore, immigrants are motivated to follow the law and enter the country legally. The Canadian economy benefits by having a steady flow of labor that is functioning within the law.

via U.S. should copy Canada’s immigration policies: Guest opinion | OregonLive.com.


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