U.S. should copy Canada’s immigration policies: Guest opinion |

Just like most Americans, I desperately want the laws of our nation to be respected. I want law and order to prevail. I also want all citizens to have reason to believe we will be rewarded if we follow the rules and respect the law.  This is why it is so important to pass effective immigration reform immediately. Currently, there […]

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U.S. looking at Canada guest-worker program as model

Guillermo Hernandez Alcantar could provide a window into the future of migrant workers in the United States. He had arrived in Canada from Mexico three days before. The journey brought him hundreds of miles north on the guarantee of work and stability — to pick the grapes that locals will not. He came as a legal guest worker. “Right now, […]

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Privacy debate looms as Canada prepares to share bank data with U.S. – The Globe and Mail

A debate over fighting tax evasion versus protecting personal privacy looms large for Canada as it prepares to announce a deal with the United States to share banking information. The arrangement would allow Ottawa to soften the blow for Canada – and the roughly one million Americans who live here – when it begins complying with the more controversial aspects […]

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